Start and Build a Successful Wedding Photography Business

This is the ultimate online course for wedding photographers.


Perfect for those who are just starting out.

Or those who have already started their wedding photography business few years ago.

But feel stuck and need more support and directions in their path. 


We went from booking 3 weddings to 24 weddings in just 6 months.

We started with no previous knowledge and no budget at all.

Very quickly we started attracting clients that we loved.

And we are going to show you the exact strategies we used to do it.

And how you can do it too, these days.


We have put all our hearts, experience and stories which taught us a lot into this course.

You will walk away tuned in with all the insider knowledge to succeed your way in wedding photographer’s path.

What is included?

  • Business

    We share our experiences on how to start a successful photography business, spread the right message and build a magnetic brand that clients adore. Define your photographic style. We will guide you how to create a strong portfolio and attract the clients you'll love.

  • Creating strong images

    We show you exact step by step strategies how to create strong images. How to take great photos during different parts of the wedding day. How to reveal the beauty of the bride. Capture candid moments. Help the couple look natural in the images. And later, piece it all together into an engaging photo story.

  • Actual shooting in numerous locations

    Finally, we bring all those strong compositional techniques to life. Showing you inspiring locations and how to use them best to create breathtaking compositions. In every country we’ve been to. This is not a bridal shoot.

  • Bonus no. 1 - Workbook

    Knowledge is not worth anything if you don't implement it. You will receive a lot of value just by listening. Listening is good, but not enough. Workbook is a very important element of this course - walking you through the most important parts of wedding photography step-by-step. 

  • Bonus no. 2 - Two Presets

    We have created two Lightroom presets of different styles for you. One gives "light & airy" look, the other - "dark & moody" tones.

We have filmed the course across stunning locations in Europe.


From glaciers in Iceland to modern architecture of Spain.


From beaches of Malta to gorgeous villas in Italy.


From mountains of Switzerland to lavender fields in France and in our home country Lithuania.


We will show you exactly how to create beautiful images in various locations across these countries.

I am excited!

Let me know when it opens up!

Got questions? We have answers.

How do I know if the course is a good fit for me?

What is covered in the course?

How long is the course?

I'm very busy. I'm not sure if I have the time to watch it?

How long will I have access to the program?

 Can I share my login details with anyone else?

What if I don’t like the course? Do you offer refunds?

Can you guarantee results for me?

Wedding Photography Insider

We are now in the final stages of building the course. It is in Beta Version with an amazing first group of students.


We are planning to officially launch the course soon.


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